MEMORY VERSE: And He saith unto them, follow me, and I will make you fishers of men. Matt. 4:19.

BIBLE PASSAGE: Matthew 4:18-25

INTRODUCATION: Few are called to be preachers or evangelists, but every born-again Christian is called to be a fisher of men. Every born-again child of God has the opportunity to deal individually and personally with men’s souls. Fishing for a soul is a definite effort to lead a definite person to accept Christ as Saviour and Lord at a definite time, Andrew brought Peter to Christ (Jn. 1:41-42). You too may be the means of bringing a future would preacher to Christ. Why not start today?

There are several reasons why you must be a fisher of men’s souls. One is the worth of a soul (Mk. 8:35-38). A soul is worth more that all the world. And you may be the only one who can make an impression on that particular soul. The second reason is the fact of hell. Hell is real and not imaginary. And if you truly believe that unsaved souls are heading for a lost eternity of hell fire, brimstone, torture, Blackness, anguish and pain forever, then you should do all in your power to persuade men to turn from sin to Jesus Christ. The third reason is the suffering of Christ on the Cross for each sinner. With a crown of thou on His head, nails in His hands and feet and His body covered with stripes, He lost blood and water rapidly in the scorching sun. the pains of His body, coupled with the loss of water and blood produced an agony so great that He involuntarily cried, “I thirst.” Must Christ suffer in vain? If not, you must let the sinners know that Christ suffered and died to save their souls. The fourth reason is the emptiness, folly and vanity of this world. You have discovered that the world is vain, that the world with all its lust is passing away but those in Christ shall stand for ever. It is your duty to tell your friends the truth. In Christ you have found something beautiful and enduring, why not present Him to your friends and relations too? The greatest present you can give to anyone is Christ. This is because whosoever has Christ has all things (Ph. 4:19). A fifth reason is that you are not labouring in vain. Your reward for each soul won is great and sure (Dan. 12:3).

First, you must be saved yourself and be sure of your salvation. The blind cannot lead the blind. A sinner cannot lead another sinner to Christ. Therefore, if you wish to be a fisher of men, be sure you are saved yourself. If you are not saved yet, why delay? The Bible says that now is the accepted time, today is the day of salvation. You can be saved today. Ask your Pastor the details of how you can be saved and soon your joy will be full. The second thing you need is that you must be living a pure life yourself. A life pure inside and outside. A life that is an example to those of all that is noble and of good reports. A life above reproach. A life surrendered to Jesus Christ and dedicated to Him. A life of hard work and self denial. Fishermen are never lazy people. They may have to work all night if need be. Just as you may have to pray all night for several nights before a single soul is won (ACTS 20:31). You must be a prayer warrior. Satan is not likely to release those in his strong hold easily. It is not easy for a man to forsake sin and turn to Christ. But prayers can remove any obstacle that Satan may put in the way of the sinner about to turn to Christ. If your life is surrendered to Christ, you will learn how to trust Him and rely on Him to convert sinners you preach to.Thirdly, you must have at least a fair knowledge of the BIBLE and know how to read the BIBLE. This means that you must study the BIBLE diligently, and do not say that you have no time. The time you spend in talking and gossiping could be put to a better use- studying the Word of God (Ps. 1:1-2). Do not pretend that you cannot
understand the Bible either. All you have to do is to pray for wisdom and understanding before studying the Bible (James 1:5). God is the source of all wisdom and He will only be too happy to give you understanding particularly when He knows that you need it in order to win souls for Him. Fourthly, you must be filled with the Holy Spirit (Eph. 5:18). You cannot achieve much with your own power and knowledge only need the power of the Holy Spirit. Fifthly, you must have a compassion for lost souls otherwise, you will work with a dead, mechanical, dispassionate concern and sinners know those who are truly concerned for them. Won’t you start being a fisher of men today?

1. Who can be a fisher of men?
2. Why must you win souls?
3. What are the things you need to be a fisher of men?

FURTHER READINGS: The following passages will tell you more: Prov. 11:30, Ps. 126:5-6, Jere. 9:1, Acts 20:19, Mk. 16:15-16.

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