MEMORY VERSE: Go your ways; behold, I send you forth as lambs among wolves. Luke 10:3.

BIBLE PASSAGE: Luke. 10:1-6, John 4:31-36.

INTRODUCATION: In the first part of the lesson, we learnt that not all believers are called to be preachers but all can become fishers of men. That means you too can be a fisher of men. We also learnt that there are several reasons why we must fish for souls. Some of these reasons are: the worth of a soul which is more than the worth of the whole world; the fact that hell is real and is a terrible place that you should not allow even your enemies to end up there; then there is the suffering of Christ on the Cross which you must not allow to be in vain and there is also the fact that your efforts are not in vain.In the second part, we shall learnt about the technique of fishing, the procedure and general rules of winning souls for Christ. We believe that since last week, you have obtained all the things you need to be a fisher of men’s souls.

When you have satisfied yourself that you are truly saved, when you have started to live a pure life, pure not only in the Church but outside it, when your life is already surrendered to Christ and dedicated to His service, when the power of the Holy Spirit is already upon you and abiding in you, when you have started a life of prayer and of compassion for lost souls, then you are ready to proceed on to fishing for men’s souls.

The first step then to take is to seek and pray for opportunities and then use them. Once you have an opportunity, seize it and never wait for a more convenient season. Do not wait for the sinner to speak to you or open the conversation. God’s order is that you go to him and turn the conversation to salvation. (Mk. 16:15-16, Jn. 4:7-15). Another important point for you to note is that you must deal with sinners as if you are a fellow sinner, not as a superior being (Rom. 3:23, 11 Tim. 2:25). Sinners will feel embarrassed if you give them the impression that you ar3e doing them a favour by preaching to them. Be meek and gentle. It takes a gentle and wise man to catch a fish. Thirdly, you must be cheerful and courteous. People are always suspicious ofstrangers but a cheerful and courteous approach will make them relax. Do not be overbearing or too talkative. Let them talk too if possible make it a conversation instead of a sermon. However, you must not allow yourself to be draw into an argument. The devil uses arguments as a sidetrack from conversion. When they ask questions that may lead to arguments, tell them cheerfully that you will come to that later, and then proceed with your message of salvation. t is better to deal with a person alone if at all possible; in a crowd, he will try, “Save his face” with excuses but when alone, he is more likely to open his heart to you intimately. However, you must avoid trying to be too familiar, some people might appreciate it but others might suspects that you have an ulterior motive. It is also easier and more fruitful to deal with your own age because he will listen better. Birds of the same feathers tend to flock together. However, if the Holy Spirit leads you to speak to someone of a Different age or sex, do not hesitate but proceed at once.

In all cases, you must keep any secrets confided in you. If any sins are confessed to you, you must never reveal them to others (James 5:20). Always make it your goal to lead a sinner directly to a definite acceptance of Christ; it is quite possible to talk about Christ, the Bible and related subjects without facing the real issue of salvation. You must not rely on your own ability or experience so that even before you approach a person and through your stay with him, you must keep on praying, silently if need be, for guidance. Do not expect people to be converted by your oratory, logic or arguments. Men are born-again by the Word of God and not by the work of men (1 Pet. 1:23). Therefore learn verses by memory and depend on the word of God for conviction of sin and repentance. Never become impatient. Accepting Christ is a great decision, the greatest decision in life. Therefore, it is only right that people consider well before taking the step. You are not likely to win every one you talk to. But surely you will win some. Also, you may talk to the same person ten times without success and then win him the eleventh time, therefore never give up, there is no case that can be called hopeless.

When the person you have been talking to is ready to make a decision, get him to kneel if possible. Pray for him and with him, but get him to pray audibly too if possible. After prayer, give him some verses of the Bible for assurance of salvation (see our lesson on Assurance of Salvation). Keep in contact with him and invite him
to Bible Study in your Church. Get him to start confessing Christ and witnessing for Him soonest.

1. What do we learn in the first part of the lesson?
2. When are you ready to fish for men?
3. Name any 3 points to note while “Fishing”?

FURTHER READINGS:The following passages will help you: Rom. 3:10, 5:12; 6:23; 5:8; 10:9-10, Eze. 33:7-8

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